He’s one of the most decorated black and grey artists from out West, and he’s ready to open a new chapter in his storied career. While Josh Duffy spent the past little while working alongside black and grey heavyweights Carlos Torres, Sergio Sanchez and Alan Padilla, he’s ready to embark on a new journey that begins in Phoenix, AZ. His plans of opening up his own studio is finally being put into place, and the family man with a killer realism game is only a mere few steps away from having his goals come to life.

His range and versatility in tattooing makes him stand out amongst the rest, as you can rely on him for some of the meanest skulls, clean realistic faces—preferably in the female form—and even some splashes of colour work here and there. His freehand style and creativity go hand-in-hand and the desert area will finally get an up-close look at what that means in due time.